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Frequently Asked Questions


Transparency In Trading

Trading Risk

Trading is an incredible way to make your money work for you, however like all things to do with the economy - there are always risks involved. That’s why here at Algo Trading Group, we believe in being transparent with our clients

Trading involves a high risk of losing money! Any advice & services we provide are done on a informational basis only!

Trading Disclaimer

It is essential for you to carefully think through your investment goals, all potential risks, and the experience you have before you participate in the Futures & Forex market. It is crucial not to invest the kind of money that you cannot afford to lose.

There are significant risks in Futures & Forex transactions. Those risks comprise of creditworthiness, limited regulatory protection and market volatility that may substantially affect the price, leverage, liquidity of a currency or currency pair or Futures Contract.

Due to the variable nature of Futures & Forex trading, any market movement would probably have the same reaction on the funds you deposited. There is, perhaps, a likelihood that you could encounter, in your initial margin funds, a total loss, and you would be demanded to deposit more funds to retain your position. Assuming your default and you’re unable to satisfy any requirement of the margin, your position could be dissolved, and you would take full responsibility for any of the losses. To minimize exposure, we advise that you implement various risk-reduction strategies.

You can also encounter different risks connected with the use of Internet-based trading systems along with the software, the hardware, and the Internet communication inadequacy. Algo Trading Group Inc. cannot be held responsible for any connection collapse or interruption in the process of trading by way of the Internet.

Algo Trading Group Inc. is not equally responsible for any loss, including without limitation, any loss of profit, which might come up directly or indirectly from the use of or the dependence on systems and authorizations provided by Algo Trading Group Inc. Algo Trading Group Inc. cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of any signals, services and systems made accessible through the services of Algo Trading Group Inc.

Any news, analysis, research, opinions, prices, or any other information provided by Algo Trading Group cannot be established as an investment recommendation. Algo Trading Group Inc. cannot be held liable for any form of loss or damage, in addition to without limitation, any loss that may be encountered directly or indirectly from the utilization of or dependency on such information.

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